Under the shadows of the pine trees, looking at the imposing rocks, Vouliagmeni Lake offers the perfect setting for outdoor training and activities. The Lake organises group or individual training programmes inside and outside the water which aim at relieving you from stress, offering psychological relaxation and mild muscle toning. An emphasis is put at reviving the body through exercise in an environment of tranquillity and natural purity.


Swimming at the Lake is a holistic experience offering wellness all-year round. The water’s healing qualities and the stable temperature, combined with the benefits swimming offers to the body and soul, promise you a dive into enjoyment. The Lake’s oval shape is Athens’ most beautiful natural “pool” surrounded by a heavenly environment.

Aqua aerobic

Aerobic exercise at the Lake fully utilises the healing and relaxing qualities of the water. It’s a programme suitable for everyone regardless of age, sex or physical condition which guarantees weight loss, toning and rest. This exercise is also ideal for those suffering from arthritis, back pains and general problems with the joints, as reduced gravity puts less pressure on the joints.


Boasting an underwater world unique in its kind, Vouliagmeni Lake invites you to…take a closer look. Snorkelling is an activity that allows the swimmer to explore the uniqueness of the Lake’s seabed. All you need to participate is an appetite for exploration, a mask and a snorkel. The Lake organises snorkelling groups following a request.

At Faskomilia Hill

In Vouliagmeni Lake, wellness is not only to be found in the water. A path starting exactly over the Lake leads to Faskomilia Hill, an area spread over 296 acres, which is perfect for hiking or cycling and overlooks the Attica coastline and the Lake. The Lake organises group tours and walks on the Hill, following a request.