The main objective of the Covid Shield scheme in “IAMATIKA LOUTRA VOULIAGMENIS TE SA”, which provides hosting services, is to create the principal in order to provide continuous improvement of the efficiency of its processes, having always in mind the protection and health security of its customers and employees.


LAKE VOULIAGMENI developed the Covid Shield scheme based on the relevant certification scheme developed by TŪV AUSTRIA HELLAS.


Stopping the transmission and spread of a virus and / or a disease is now an integral part of the Company’s business planning. Proper planning and exact implementation of measures and action plans contribute to an overall mechanism for ensuring public health. Compliance with health rules is no longer an option but a necessity. Failures are not allowed and therefore constant compliance, vigilance and review throughout the range of activities whether they are direct (services) or indirect (corporate operations and activities) is a must. It is maintained and expanded throughout the operation of the Company (working days and hours, overtime work, holiday work, etc.)

For the implementation of the above, the Management of the Company supports and applies the basic principles and rules that govern the Covid Shield scheme. All the necessary materials and intangible resources are provided in order to achieve the objectives of the scheme. The Company establishes objectives, indicators, security programs and control of (non) transmission of viruses and diseases, relying on the cooperation with its employees, its customers, its partners and all interested parties.


The main principals concerning Covid Shield scheme are as follows:


  • Observance of legal and regulatory provisions and other requirements drawn up by the National Health Organization or other authority involved. The Company has applied a monitoring mechanism that immediately activates changes and communicates them to the entire organization of LAKE VOULIAGMENI.
  • Observance of agreements and commitments to customers, in order to increase their sense of health security and satisfaction.
  • The effective cooperation with all suppliers / partners.
  • Communication and provide information to all involved members, in a spirit of sincere and mutual respect. To achieve this, all the communication channels offered by marketing and technology are utilized in order to communicate, among other things, the successful level of compliance with the requirements of the certification scheme.
  • Constant information, training and encouragement of the staff for their active participation, both at individual and group level, in their psychological support and in general in the continuous improvement of the work environment.
  • Respect for personal and health privacy data of customers, partners and employees. In this regard, specific guideline is provided for the protection of the dignity of people who may considered to be a possible / suspected case.
  • Set of targets and measurable indicators that provide proof of the Management commitment to the objectives of the current scheme. These indicators include the number of training programs, campaigns, staff training hours, customer satisfaction, number of cases, compliance with organizational and technical measures. Following the indicators combined with corrective actions taken and promotion of necessary improvements which are a fundamental, result in direct impact of business continuity.



The principles of the Covid Shield Plan, as well as its purposes and objectives, are regularly reviewed by the Company’s Management in order to adapt to new needs and developments, legislative and regulatory requirements and to achieve the goal of stopping transmission of viruses and diseases to the extent that applies to the Company.


Through the continuous review of the above, the Company’s Management is in constant search for the identification of both human and technical needs. The Management is committed to providing the required resources to meet the needs, as they arise by the current situations, to the best of its ability.

The Company has the responsibility to respond, assimilate and implement the procedures, instructions, action plans, educational programs related to the Management system of the Covid Shield scheme.


The Covid Shield Team of LAKE VOULIAGMENI has integrated in all educational programs and announcements topics related to Negative Behaviors & Social Stigma. For this purpose, a relevant directive has been prepared, which has been communicated to the staff through announcements, e-mail, training, etc. The Company has stated that negative behavior related to the onset of the disease is not acceptable and is a serious reason to investigate the resolution of any co-operation.


In addition to the above, it is the responsibility of the Management of LAKE VOULIAGMENI to ensure that the Covid Shield Policy is available to all interested parties, notified, understood and applicable from all the personnel of the Company and its associates, with the ultimate goal of continuous, stable development of its business activity, with unwavering commitment to its principles and continuous  offer of excellent quality services.