Dinning and Drinking

Every moment in Vouliagmeni Lake is sheer pleasure. The all-day bar-restaurant offers a unique coffee break and tea time, while visitors may also enjoy a delicious breakfast or a light meal after swimming.

Thermal Experience

Vouliagmeni Lake is ranked by Greece’s Special Committee for the Protection of Natural Thermal Resources among the 20 recognised thermal springs.

Wellness & Fitness

Under the shadows of the pine trees, looking at the imposing rocks, Vouliagmeni Lake offers the perfect setting for outdoor training and activities.


The stunning scenery, the staff’s professionalism and the carefully chosen décor guarantee the success of any event – social or professional.

Privé Luxury

Can heaven be private? In Vouliagmeni Lake, the sense of luxury takes on a new meaning with areas planned especially to offer a feeling of privacy and exclusivity.


If you want to celebrate the birthday or the name day of your child in a special way in a magical place which will bring you close to nature, then Vouliagmeni Lake is a unique destination!


Αν θέλετε να γιορτάσετε τα γενέθλια ή τη γιορτή του παιδιού σας με ένα πιο ιδιαίτερο τρόπο σε ένα μαγευτικό χώρο που θα σας φέρει κοντά στη φύση, τότε η Λίμνη Βουλιαγμένης αποτελεί ένα Μοναδικό Προορισμό! Ο χώρος της Λίμνης μπορεί να φιλοξενήσει μέχρι και 20 παιδάκια μαζί με τους γονείς τους.